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Marcia Barrett was born in St. Catherine - Jamaica. At the age of thirteen she joined her mother (A single parent) in Britain where she continued her schooling, at "Parkside Secondary School" for girls in South London.


During those latter years at school she developed her stenography skills and by the age of eighteen, she seeked employment in London with success but was totally bored. Marcia then glanced back on her passion for dancing and singing, whilst attending school and being given LEAD ROLLS in the choir or in plays that were being presented at her school. For example she played the roll of "MACDUFF" in "MACBETH" from William Shakespeare which she totally enjoyed. It was then that she became to her LIFETIME decision, that she would be well appreciated by entertaining and at the same time, she herself would be everlastingly HAPPY within her soul.


How perfectly suited for Marcia that when she was 19 years old she was auditioned in London for a dancing project in Germany and was hand picked to perform as a dancer in HAMBURG - HARBURG for a teenaged audience between 4 & 8 p.m. on weekends.

It was during her yearly four months presentation for three years as a dancer in "Top Ten Discotheque" that she released herself singing over the famous track "Oh Happy Day" the disc jockey was playing one evening, when the audience gave her a STANDING OVATION.


After this evening her presentation as a singer was a usual attraction for the people in and around the HAMBURG - HARBURG neighbourhood. Quite shortly after that Ms. Barrett was approached by a gentleman who was keen in managing her. He was Ernst Hanel, who believed in her skills that he encouraged her to take some technical voice lessons at the Heidi Hoffner School in Hamburg, which lasted a mere three months that she exercises in all her performances up until this day. Mr. Hanel then started to book Marcia`s developed shows all around Germany.


During this five year period as an established SOLOIST presenting her shows with her LIVE bands - VALENDRAS and TORNADOS, singing top 40 hits including "Big Spender" from Shirley Bassey and "Son Of A Preacher Man" from Dusty Springfield, she would be described as "The Fire Works" and EXOTISCHE SCHÖNHEIT" from Jamaica.


By then she had also commenced her writing skills (as a singer / song writer ) with the tracks "Could Be Love" & B Side "It`s Time To Go" which was published by Metronome record label.


The latter part of 1975 Miss. Barrett heard from a dear friend - Dornee Edwards another songstress / songwriter, that there was a producer seeking female vocalists for a new project. Dornee herself was not interested owing to the fact that she was doing GOSPEL and not POP. This producer was Frank Farian who auditioned Marcia with Stefan Klinkhammer in Stafan`s flat in Saarbrucken - Germany. She had sung four songs accompanied on piano by Stefan. Farian loved what he heard from Marcia and stated quite simply that she would work for his creation of the MONSTER group BONEY M.


After three decades of extreme success GLOBALLY as a LEAD and BACKING VOCALIST on all of BONEY M`s recordings since 1976 Marcia`s voice is always piercing through on the entire productions. Her visual contribution appearing on "Live Performances" as well as T.V. presentations over these years are indeed enhancing.


Marcia is now continuing her mission as a SINGER, PERFORMER, WRITER and PRODUCER. She is back on stage with her team of skilled individual artists and musicians, presenting your favourite EVERLASTING HITS of "BONEY M" and some of her compositions written together with Marcus James. Her presentation with her team is showcasing her voice to the fullest with expertise and professionalism on stage. 


Come  and  Experience This Phenomena.


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Marcia Barrett 20.11.2010